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Recently I had a lightbulb moment. I have a Toshiba AT300 tablet and the GPU overheated one day and now register every singular touch on the screen in four different places, rendering it virtually (and rather effectively) unusable in the traditional sense. I was left with a rather flat, expensive brick which was a gift from my family. I was not pleased.

The Lightbulb Moment

A friend had a similar problem though with her phone which had been cracked by her darling daughter (who to be fair is only 2 and isn’t au fais with delicate technology) and I was given the idea of an OTG cable. Problem solved. Plug in the cable, plug in a mouse and you can use the phone or tablet like a mini laptop! The the second lightbulb went on, throw a bluetooth keyboard into the mix and BAM! I could save my tablet from obscurity!

So I’m happily using it when needed but got to thinking there must be some handy keyboard shortcuts since essentially Android is (however many times removed) a cousin of Linux. Here for you are the keyboard shortcuts for Android.

Android Keyboard Shortcuts: Scrolling

Spacebar: Page down in any Web page/document view

Shift + Spacebar: Page up in any Web page/document view

Android Keyboard Shortcuts: Typing

Alt + Spacebar: Insert a special character

Shift + Del: Delete the character to the right of the cursor

Alt + Del: Delete an entire line

Shift + Shift (press it twice): Activate caps-lock; press shift once more to exit

Alt + Trackball-Left: Move cursor to beginning of line

Alt + Trackball-Right: Move cursor to end of line

Alt + Trackball-Up: Move cursor to top of page

Alt + Trackball-Down: Move cursor to bottom of page

Shift + Trackball-Left/Right: Highlight text for cutting or copying

Menu + X: Cut text (will cut all text on-screen unless specific characters are highlighted)

Menu + C: Copy text to clipboard (will copy all text on-screen unless specific characters are highlighted)

Menu + V: Paste text from clipboard

Menu + A: Select all text in the current field

Android Keyboard Shortcuts: Browsing

Menu + I: Zoom in

Menu + O: Zoom out

Menu + J: Go back a page

Menu + K: Go forward a page

Menu + R: Refresh current page

Menu + F: Find on page

Menu + B: Open bookmarks

Menu + S: Open social network sharing menu

Menu + H: View browsing history

Menu + S: Open browser settings

Android Keyboard Shortcuts: Gmail

F: Forward current message (works only while inside the message)

R: Reply to current message (works only while inside the message)

A: Reply-all to current message (works only while inside the message)

Y: Archive message (works from within message or while on main inbox list)

Menu + U: Refresh inbox

Menu + C: Compose new e-mail

Enter: Open an e-mail (from the main inbox list)

Alt + Trackball-Up: Jump to top of inbox

Alt + Trackball-Down: Jump to bottom of inbox

Android Keyboard Shortcuts: Apps

Search + B: Open browser

Search + C: Open contacts

Search + E: Open e-mail

Search + G: Open Gmail

Search + I: Open calendar

Search + M: Open maps

Search + P: Open music

Search + S: Open text messaging

Search + Y: Open YouTube

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